Sell Sulfanilic acid

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Sulfanilic acid
Commodity name:
Sulfanilic acid
[CAS] 121-57-3
Quality standard:
Voluntary Standard :HG/T 3678-2000
Content(total amido number) %>=99.0
Aniline Content %<= 0.02
Water Insoluble Content % <=0.10
This product is white to off-white powder, slightly dissolves in cold water, apt to dissolve in caustic soda solution and sodium carbonate solution, not dissolving in such organic solvents as the ethanol and ether , etc. ; density: 1.485(25centigrade /4centigrade ) , melting point:288centigrade , resolve in 300centigrade .
Usage: This product is made for the Dyestuffs intermediate, mainly apply to such trades as Dyestuffs, spices, food pigment, medicine, agriculture chemical, brightening agent, building materials, etc.
Packing: 25kg woven bag inner lining plastic, or according to customer's enquiry.