Sell Sulfure Hexafluoride(SF6)

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We supply suphur hexafluoride (sf6) according to GB12022-89 and IEC376-71.
Sulfur hexafluoride has excellent electric insulating and arc-quenching capacity, its electric insulating capacity and its arc-quenching capacity is 2.5 and 100 times as that of air respectively.
With melting point as low as -50 degree centigrade, sulfur hexafluoride may be used as a special kind of freezing agent in -45~0 degree centigrade, as well as a stable heat conductor for high temperature because of its good thermo resistance.
Sulfur hexafluoride has been extensively used in fields of electronic, electric, laser, medical, meteorological, freezing, fire-fighting, chemical, military, space aviation, nonferrous metallurgy, and physical research etc.