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The series of sulphoaluminate cement

The latest type
It is a series of sulphoaluminate cement (SAC) and ferroaluminate cement (FAC) composed of C4A3S (C4AF) and C2S as main minerals.
High performance
Characterized by higher early strength (The strength value at 3 days is equivalent to the strength at 28 days of Portland cement with the same grade) . The performance of impermeability, Frost and corrosion resistance is more excellent than those of Portland cement; It has a remarkable effect on restraining alkali aggregate reaction.
The proportion of limestone in raw mix is much lower, results in a great amount of decrease of heat consumption for decomposing CaCO3, also amount of CO2 emission; The energy consumption for steam curing in application can be saved because of the faster strength development of this cement series.
Environmental protection
Not only this series of cement can be made with industrial wastes but also having a good Immobilization ability for harmful wastes.

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