Sell Sulphur Black BR 200% dyes

Sulphur Black BR 200% dyes You May Also Be Interested In: acid orange acid orange 7 produce direct sulphur black textile dyes
We are the manufacturer of the textile dyes.
We produce: Direct dyes, Acid dyes, Basic dyes. Sulphur Black BR and Indigo Blue.

Direct Blue 2B 6#
Direct Fastturquoise GL 86#
Direct Fast Blue B2RL 71#
Direct Fast Blue FBL 199#
Direct Blue BH 2#
Direct Black EX 38#
Direct Fast Black G 19#
Acid Orange 7#
Acid Orange 3R 67#
Acid Orange AGT 116#
Acid Orange 3G 156#
Metanil Yellow MT 36#
Acid Light Yellow G 11#
Acid Light Yellow 2G 17
Acid Yellow A4R 199
Acid Yellow 4R 219

Sulphur Black BR
200% 180% 160%
Packed in iron drums, cartons, woven bags
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