Sell Sumsung SGH-X668

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Specification parameter
Network frequency: GSM/ GPRS;900/1800/1900MHz

Size/ physical volume: 89.5*45*21.5
Heavy quantity: 78 Gram
Inside parameter: 65536 colorful screen of the color UFB;160 pixels of 128 Ws,1.8 inches;
outside parameter : Colorful screen of CSTN;96 pixels of 96 Ws;
The WAP get to the Internet: The support flies boat
Appear on market time: September of 2005
Inside place the game: 2 ; The BOBBY CARROT and ARISHIP RACING
Memory capacity: 8M
The Java expand: Provided the independent saving space of the 2 MBs
Download the diagram bell game: The picture and bell rings share the total saving capacity of the 8192 KBs
vidicon : Inside place; The VGA shoots to be like the head
Shoot to be like a pixel: 300,000 pixels
Become the burnt mode: 2 multiple codes become burnt; , +/-5 class brightnesses regulate
Photograph resolution: 4 kinds of size choice, the tallest resolution can amount to the 640 x480 pixel
Inside place to be like the frame: 30 be like the frame; Inside place the interest frame
Connect to clap: 15 take continuously; The high speed connects to clap, and have the matrix of special features to take the function(2*2 hands move,2 * 2 auto,3* 3 hands move,3 * 3 auto)
Settle take: Support
Take the mode: 2 kinds of inside out mode( the mirror be like/ turn over) choice, support matrix's take
Photograph special effect: Provide 7 kinds of take the result mode:The ash degree/ negative plate/ deep brown/ float the diagram / grass/ in the style of antique/ moonlight/
Photograph quantity: 4 kinds of paintings quality options:Super fine/ fine/ general/ economy