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"MIRACLE" SAP has special structure and excellent hydrophilic group, which make it not dissolve in water but can absorb hundred times of water or several decuples of bio-brine (body fluid) , and process superior water retaining capacity, and the water absorbed is hard to extrude. Several excellent capacities of "Miracle" SAP ensure the high quality of sanitary products, such as the high absorbing speed, good absorbance under load, good gelatin intensity, and excellent capacity of anti-moisture. "Miracle" SAP adopts advanced manufacturing techniques, thus monomer residual is low, and it's non-poisonous and smell-less, and no stimulation to skin. Under certain conditions it can degrade into small molecule such as water, carbon dioxide, ammonia etc. , thus it is a green and environment protecting high-tech product.

II. Specification and Main Function Indexes
Appearance White Granule White Granule White Granule
Particle Size (%) 30~120mesh>=90>140 mesh<=2.0 30~60mesh>=83>140mesh<=2.0 60~140mesh>=90>140mesh<=6.0
Absorbance of Distilled Water (g7g-1) >=480-520 >=420-500 >=380-420
Absorbance of 0.9%NaCl (g7g-1) >=50 >=50 >=40
Absorbing Speed of 0.9%NaCl (s) (2g SAP absorb 50g 0.9%NaCl) <=40 <=42 <=25
Absorbance of 0.9%NaCl Under Load (g7g-1) >=26 >=27 >=26
Water Retaining (0.9%NaCl) (g7g-1) >=35 >=40 >=30
Moisture (WT%) <=7 <=7 <=7
PH Value 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5 6.5~8.5
Packing Compounded Sack of 3-layer kraft paper and 1-layer plastic sheet, 20 kg/sack or 500kg/bag
Remarks: Packing can be changed according to customers request.

III. Applying Extent
1. RDW-W mainly use in sanitary napkin.
2. RDW-N mainly use in baby diapers.
3. RDW-F mainly use in sanitary compound papers.

IV. Usage
1. Recommend dosage: diaper (8-15g/pcs) ; napkin (0.3-0.5g/pcs) ; compound paper (30-80g/ m2)
2. The above recommend dosage is for reference; customer can change dosage according to practical product design and equipment circumstances.

V. Notes
1. This product is moisture absorbent; please keep in dry shady and sealed place.
2. Please wear respirator during production, and be aware of the powder.
3. If the product gets into the eye, please wash by clean water for at least 10 minutes.
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