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Application :
It have super strong function of sterilization , decomposition, filtration and adsorption which can well disinfect, decontaminate , deodorize and remove smog. With a remote -controller, it convenient for user. This machine is easy to stall on wall, also can put on desk or other suitabl places.

Function of the product :

Ultra strong decomposition functions---Sterilization, Deodorization, Purification, Disinfection, Antipollution and Smoke-elimination.

Pretage net: Filters the big particle and dust, hair and scurf, etc

HEPA net with ultra strong filteration function: Have super strong function of filtering various particles smaller than 0.2 microns.

Photocatalyst net: Double-decked foamed metal nets, and oversized surface, which enables the machine to sterilize, eliminate peculiar smell, and resolve organic matter like methanol at high efficiency.

Dust removal with high-pressured electrostatic type: Eliminates the allergic sources thoroughly. Strengthens the sterilization potency of photocatalyst. It also has direct sterilization function.

Negative oxygenic ion: Strengthens the purification potency, and make air fresher. It enables you to enjoy natural and fresh air indoors as if you are in a forest.

The ozone net: Highly effective and fast sterilization, disinfection, deodorization functions. The environment will achieve the aseptic of operating room in nobodys situation.

Remote controller: You can turn on or off the air purifier freely and conveniently.
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