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In 2003, Manufacturer decided to stop distributing DURACELL batteries and to create own brand of Super-Alkaline batteries at low cost named MOVIDA.

After a great succes in Italy (almost 1M for the first year of Business) they decided to export the Super-Alkaline batteries Worldwide.

If you want to compare MOVIDA batteries with the other products on the market you have to know that the battery market is divided in 4 main family. :

Zinc-Carbon : Bad quality but very low price (Chinese products)
Alkaline : Medium time-life and low price
Super Alkaline: Long time-life with medium price (like DURACELL PLUS)
Super Alkaline second gen. : Very long life (+30%) vs Super-Alkaline (DURACELL M3)

MOVIDA is a very special positioning as it is a SUPER-ALKALINE Second Generation, but with MEDIUM prices like normal Super-Alkaline !!!

This is possible because DURACELL and ENERGIZER are investing 40% of their turnover in the advertisings. They include in their prices those 40% expenses, when MOVIDA is only relying on offering the highest quality to the best price !!!

We invite you to compare our prices with our main competitors (DURACELL ULTRA M3 and ENERGIZER ULTIMATE) and you will understand the advantage to join our Distribution Network.

Why is it a nice opportunity to import & distribute MOVIDA ?

A product with great margins for you and for your wholesalers/retailers
A product with easy selling process (place and sell)
A market extremely attentive to the packagibng design
An excellent Public Price to attract all type of customers

If your company have in mind to bet on a long-term cooperation with a serious and high potential product, we believe that you will be interested to go further with us.

I remain personally at your disposal to discuss with you about our potential partnership Waiting for your feedback.

Best Regards

Mr. Poul Knudsen
WorldZeneca Ltd.

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