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Style No. : RICHJAZZ Polyester Putty
Specification:N. W. =4.0kg


Unsaturated polyesters resins, styrene, titanium dioxide, stuffing, anti sediment agent, Cobalt bis (2-ethylhexanoate) auxiliary agent and catalyst mixing ratio 100:2 ~ 3.


It is mainly being applied to the leveling up and decoration of the blemishes, such as the drop pits of keelsons, pin-shaped cavities, crackles, little welding lines etc. , before closing the floating coat in the painting techniques of passenger car to satisfy the leveling and smoothness of the keelsons before painting the surface. It is also of good tooling ability for glass reinforced plastics.

Technical Data Sheet:


Outward appearance
Light grey, no gel, no solid, no machinery impurity.

Storage at high temperatureĊ (80 deg. C. , 24h)
No nugget or machinery impurity when temperature downs to room temperature.

Consistency, cm
8 to 13

Gelling time (23-27 deg. C. ) , min
2 to 11

Scratching performance
Gentle resistance, not be crispate.

Putty appearance
Flat, smooth, average color, no crackle, a little of bubbling and sand holes are allowed.

Water finishing (20min to 1h30min)
Easy to make slurry, does not adhere to sand paper, flat after polishing.

Dry finishing (40min to 5h)
Easy to make powder, does not adhere to sand paper, flat after polishing.

Impact Strength, cm
25 min

50 max

Adhesive force, grade
2 max

Reference for construction:

l Remove rust, oil, dirt, old film, water, etc. from surface completely by sander and solvent.

l Standard mixing ratio of Base and Hardener is: Base/Hardener= 100:2 (by weight)

l Knead Base and Hardener thoroughly to make the color of mixture uniform.

l After complete mixing, apply the mixture within pot life (7~10 min)

l Pot life changes depending on temperature and humidity.

l Apply the mixture rubbing down fully with spatula to avoid bubbling.

l Sanding shall be made after complete dying (for more than 1 hour at 20 deg. C. ) .

l In high humidity, especially during rainy season, the hardening time becomes longer than usual.


l Do not return used putty and mixture to the base can

l Used tools shall be washed with lacquer thinner.

l Store free from fire, direct sun-shine, high-temperature and rain drop.

l Storage period: within 6 month after manufacturing.


l CREAM HARDENER- IRRITANT. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush thoroughly with water, and get prompt medical attention. If taken unintentionally, induce vomiting consult physician.

Avoid prolonged or repeated contact with skin. In case of contact, flush skin with water. Keep away from heat or flame.

l KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Seal the can tightly when no in use and keep it at a dark, cool place.
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30 days
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L/C at sight or T/T
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