Sell Super Body Slimming SpecialistDLK-C02

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1) The appliance with the microcomputer which can set the comfortable
program for fattiness burning and the best working time and degrees as
per your sex, age, weight and height
2) There are two modes of massage and fattiness to be chosen
3) It can clear away the superfluous fattiness on the abdomen, waist,
buttock and legs
4) It can clear away the women's gravid veins and any other veins to keep
the skin beauty
5) If women keep using this appliance which can promote the growth of the
6) There are 39pcs magnets which can increase the cellular energy and
improve the body circulation to keep your skin beauty
7) The massage can clear away the tiredness which the intensities will be
controlled by the microcomputer
8) The LCD screen is adopted for more clearly viewing
9) Three groups of personal data can be stored in the microcomputer which
can be changed at any moment