Sell Super Card Mini Sd

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The Super Card mini-SD Adapter can be run on a Nintendo DS, GBA, GBASP and GBM. It has the appearance of the regular GBA cartridge, with a slot for Mini-SD card. The amount of storage the SuperCard contains via Mini-SD flash depends on your card. Mini-SD memory is relatively cheap and is normally used for equipment like digital cameras, but now you can use your Mini-SD memory card for your Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Micro, and Nintendo DS!
The Super Card mini-SD Adapter allows for more than just gaming. Now you can use watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more!

Features and Details:
The real size of GBA cart.
Built-in rechargeable battery design.
Works with SuperPass 2
Support almost 100% NDS games.
NDS GBA linkage function.
GBA game save is now more compatibile because of the battery design.
New shell design, more beautiful than the SD version.
Directly plug and insert design your Mini-SD flash card without remove Mini-SD Supercard, top loading.
You have the option of saving your DS games directly to the mini-SD card. You can also save your progress onto the original DS games inserted *into your handheld.
The Supercard can play NDS games of any sizes!
The loading time of NDS games through your mini-SD card is fast.
Real time save. Real-time saving is supported. Save your game at anytime!
Game compression to save storage space is available.
Switch between gameplay and reading a game-guide, without restarting!