Sell Super Durability Universal Rutile TiO2-BLR601

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BLR-601 is a kind of universal rutile titanium dioxide which is coated with Titanium, silica, aluminum etc, after extra-fined treatment, and with special organic surface treatment. It has a super durability and high opacity. It is widely used in the area of plastic, rubber, paper and high grade pigment, especially used in the macromolecule system, such as plastic steels, color master batch and powder pigment and also in solvent based coating, printing ink which under the outdoor super durability environment.
Standard adoption: ISO591:2000(E) : R
ASTM D47600: V
Packing: In 25kg or 1000kg woven bag with inner film.
Specification: First Grade
TiO 2 content %>= 93
Color(compared with standard sample) No inferior to
Tinctorial power(compared with standard sample) >= 105
Volatile constituents at 105 0C %<= 0.6
Resistivity of water liquid extract q. m >= 60
Oil absorption (g/100g ) <= 21
Residue on sieve of 45 5 m(m/m) %<= 0.05
Rutile crystal content %>= 97
PH of Aqueous suspension 6.5-8.0
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