Sell Super Energy king hand held massager

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1. latest original creation function with thermotherapy and shaking massage can both not only act on the same position but also be used by oneself. 2. alleviate pains caused by fatigue and or heumatism. 3. alleviate the spasm in the shoulder caused by the stiff neck when sleep. 4. alleviate the pains caused by the unsmooth blood circulation of the elders. 5. relax the muscle and eliminate the pains caused by the tense sport. 6. lose weight partly. 7. with a step-less speed adjustment device, you can choose any speed you like. 8. double massage head more larger massaging area super strong strength combinating mildness and vigor. 9. the hot wind sets up, produces the life oxygen, dispels the body surface bacterium, stimulate the activity frequency of the muscle cell, play a good role to the invigorating blood circulation silt. 10. unique and luxurious modeling with infraredon head and back.

Usage:1. please keep vibrating switch in "off", then insert the plug into the socket. 2. putting the plug into the socket, the power light is on. 3. turning the stepless shift switch in a clockwise direction, it can massage. 4. pushing the switch up, infra-red light is on. 5. pushing the switch down, it is heat therapy. 6. please turn off the stepless shifts switch in an anti-clockwise direction when finish its work and put the plug out.

Ctn size:99x42x50cm,10pcs/ctn