Sell Super External Counterpulsation Therapy Systems (SECP)

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Super External Counterpulsation Therapy Systems(SECP) And Call Enhanced External Counterpulsation Therapy Systems (EECP) . Main Features Of Model: SECPII.
1. Negative pressure discharging;2. Extremities, buttocks, sequence, Augmented, arm-cuff for cerebral diseases treatment;3. Horizontal bed is better than slant bed in infusing the blood to heart and brain;3. The cuffs of buttock and thigh are separated, it makes the patients more comfortable;4. The cuff cover is built-in slide-proof;5. The device sets child and animal test setting (the cuffs and covers for child are optional) ;6. There are semi-automatic and automatic settings. It automatically adjust the inflated / deflated time at the automatic setting during SECP;7. ECP ratios are 1:1 and 1:2 alternatively;8QRS wave trigger deflation automatically when premature pulse and delay deflation;9. Digital filter suppresses the interference from EC input 50Hz signal;10. When premature abnormal EC occurs, i. e. heartbeat is lower than 32 times/min. or higher than 125 times/min. ; alarm and stop SECP. It automatically restore after heartbeat / EC is normal;11. Automatically displays the rate of counter-flow wave and trigger wave, rate of area during SECP. Make it easy to analyze the result of ECP.12. Turns off the pump and deflate automatically when the time of treatment is up;13. Adjust the pressure electronically;14. Set the button of patient call and emergency button of pump;15. Automatic safe pressure limit;16. Electromagnetic Compatibility;17.15 inch screen displays the EC, inflation / deflation and pulse wave, and 21 parameters;18. There are output sockets for ECG or physiological recorder, and socket for printer to print the lines and parameters on the screen;19. Touch-switches;20. Elegant appearance;21. Consumption: electric part: 500W (220V) , air pump: 2.0kW (one phase) or 2.5 kW (three phase) .