Sell Super Marine Collagen Soft Capsule

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Super Marine Collagen Soft Capsule
We use modern biotechnology to produce super marine collagen (Peptide) . The molecular weight of our collagen is less than 3KDa.

High protein content and good taste
The protein content of our collagen is more than 90%. The power has light yellow to white color and is 100% water-soluble. The smell is very good. You can eat with milk, soup, rice, drinks and so on. It is nice both for the young and the old.

High human absorption rate
Unlike amino acid, our collagen is made from protein peptide through modern biotechnology and thus is more nutritious; better for physiology and easier to be absorbed by human body. The grade of the protein of super marine collagen is extremely high; the ratio of amino acid is extremely close to the composition of human muscle, so it is easy to absorb.

Apellation: Super Marine Collagen Soft Capsule
Ingredients: marine collagen, safflower oil, glutin, Vb1, Vb2, Vc, Ve.
Protein Content: = 50%
Content: 250mg/pc, 180pcs/bottle 20bottles/CTN