Sell Super Mini DVR

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Technical Spec:
Dimension: 75mm (L) x 49mm (W) x 11.5mm (H)
Display: 2 inch TFT-LCD
Display Resolution: 640x240
Image solution: 640x480, 320x240, 160x120
Recording speed: NTSC: at 30fps; PAL: at 25fps
USB2.0 Slot
Real-time stamp in recorded files
Built-in Flash: 1GB/2GB and Extended Storage: Mini SD HC Card up to 16GB or above
Power station to supply 5V cameras
Video playing time: approx 4hours
Video recording time: approx 2hours.

Product features:
1. Switch on modes:
a) Switch on by Remote controller w/ a vibration alert;
b) Manual switch by holding power button for 3 seconds;
2. Switch off modes:
a) Auto power off by pre-schedule in system settings
b) Manual switch by holding power button for 3 seconds
3. Straight-recording once power on.
4. A vibration alert when power supply is insufficient and files are saved automatically when power off.
5. Playback is played forward or backward 2/4/8 times quicker than normal speed and can be paused anytime during playing and replay from the where is paused.
6. Video system: NTSC/PAL both available, AV out to TV
7. Video can be saved in format of AVI by AV output from Camera/TV/DVD/VCD/VCR/DV.
Audio can be saved in format of MPEG-3 by audio output from CD/FM/MIC
8. Volume display when playing MP3/WMA
9. Audio output can be output to earphone/TV/high power amplifier.
10. System display includes storage mode/storage info/format/time adjust/auto power off/display/bright adjust/Rec resolution/language/default
11. Battery specification: built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.
12. Charger: by USB2.0 cable
13. Side function bottom:
a) push upward: lock the keyboard and work under "screen sleep" mode
b) push back to middle: release the keyboard and active the screen.
c) Push downward: cut off the power immediately
Caution: it will cause a file saved incorrectly and unreadable simply by push downward the side function bottom.