Sell Super Natural Herb Energy Drink, Hangover Preventive & Severe Thirst Quencher

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CHEERS DRINK is a rarely wild herb based health drink, proved effective for hangover preventive and cure, severe thirst quencher, diuresis, easing constipation, helping halitosis, aphrodisiac effects for manhood, cooling body fever / stuffy chest / emesis, and many more impressive health boosting properties never attainable by other chemical energy drink.

This prime herb energy drink from wild nature in Orient becomes available to international consumers worldwide through our newly biologically engineered CHEERS, developed to protect drinkers by remarkably decreasing alcohol concentration level in blood, promoting the clearing of alcohol, eliminating excessive free radicals caused by drinking alcohol, and blocking lipoperoxidation, thereby alleviate alcoholic liver tissue injury, and avoid various dysfunctions and diseases caused by alcoholism.

Incidentally CHEERS wakes you up fresher next morning, feeling even more awake mentally and aroused physically. It is called mythical Oriental Express to the destination of energy and health, and more importantly the enhanced sensation of WELL-BEING.

Such Cheers are selling already in 10 different strategic countries and looking for reliable distributors to work together to expand the markets globally.
USAGES: Drink before & after Drink, Chaser or Mixer with alcohols, Refreshing Beverage as Quencher or Dietary Health Drink, Sports Drink
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