Sell Supercritical CO2 Paprika Oleoresin

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[super critical paprika red oleoresin]
Origin: High-quality chilli.
Appearance: Dark-red oil liquid.
Processing: Use the super critical CO2 technology to refine the paprika oleoresin, the quality increased greatly.
Description: It is a kind of dark-red colorful oil liquid, a fine food color with good mobility. It is light-resistant, hot-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant. It is soluble in oil and ethanol. It has the features of high purity, low dissoluble leftover, low metal ion, less impurity. The usage value has been increased greatly.
It is qualified for the international standard of FAO/WHO and GB10783-1996.
Component: capsnthin and capsorubin.
Using model: It is widely used for the color of instant noodles, aquatic products, meat, cake, salad and cosmetics etc.
Packing: 20kg/drum(food grade) , or 180kg/drum(iron with coating inside ) , or depending on customers.
Preservation: Sealed, shadow, cool.