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Supercritical Co2 Extraction Machine


The technique of super-critical extraction, a advanced technical coming

forth presently, is a new subject in the field of the modern chemical

separating industry, which is applied widely to the field of extracting

substance from plant.

1. Temperature being low there is no production being decomposed
2. Temperature and pressure can be controlled accurately, so substance

extracted can be selected according to what you need.
3. Production with high purity;
4. Without residual solution inside the production, it will not pollute the

food or medical treated with it.
5. The solution used is apercus, and it can be used circularly.
6. The solution used is low-cost, and there isn't any pollution to the

environment during the whole production.

(1) Voltage: 380V
(2) Power: 50 KW
(3) Extraction pressure: 40MPa
(4) Extraction temperature: Room temperature 85
(5) Volume of the Extraction kettle: 24L

1) Continuous process of extraction. Instead of adopting the method of

extracting discontinuously, working in a continuous way, this instrument is

more effective then before.
2) automatically assemble and un-assemble material. The process of assembling

and un-assembling material from the bottom of the instrument to extraction

kettle is controlled by computer.
3) Accurate extraction pressure. The extraction pressure is controlled by

computer, CO2 injection pump traces the extraction pressure automatically in

a way of frequency modulation, which made precision of extraction pressure

be controlled in a steady condition required
4) High efficiency of the usage of CO2. The loop designed in the instrument

utilizes CO2 circularly, which reduces release of CO2 greatly.
5) A new method of fluid spreading around adopted makes the fluid (CO2 )

contact with solute evenly, which speeds solution, reduces time of

extraction greatly, and increases production ultimately.
6) Accurate temperature controlling. Both the kettle and the fine

distillation pole have temperature measurement and temperature controlling

system, which controls the "the heat inertia" which leads the temperature to

go up or go down after the electrical source supplying for heating being cut

7) There is no big noise when it is working, the gas can be let out with

little noise in a short time.
Specifications: such as 0.1-0.5L, 1L, 2L, 5L,10L, 24L, 24*4L, 50*4L, 100*4L.
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