One Time Sell Superego roller shutter

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Technical Parameter

Material: Superego roller shutter are all made of double-layer good-quality aluminum alloy coated with multi-layer baking finish without fluorocarbon by advanced technology.

Quality Guarantee System: manufacturing and quality-control are strictly implemented according to ISO9001quality management standard.

Basic Components & Corresponding Accessories: manufacturing according to customer's requirements, with all necessary accessories provided.

Type: residential roller shutter, garage roller shutter, commercial roller shutter and industrial roller shutter

Drive manners: driven by belt, crank, spring-shaft or motor.

Aluminum Profile: Aluminum alloy 3005 H18, torsion-resistance: 205MPa. Lacquer-baking finish has superior anti-scratching property. Thickness of lacquer-baking finish is24.5µ m. Brightness: 36.7µ m.

Steel Profile: galvanized colorful steel plate, torsion-resistance: 300-400MPa. Surface: priming lacquer + Bcckrypol ARS353 white dope that is anti-scratch and abrade-resistant, 23+ 2µ m thick. . Back: epoxy dope, 8+ 1µ m thick.

Foaming padding: effectively eliminate noise, improve profile's bend-resistance and avoid condensate. Proportion: 32kg/m3

Color available: mainly white, other color like light gray, brown, bronze, light sand color are available according to order quantity.