Sell Superior Building Material

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US manufacturer has the EXCLUSIVE to a BRAND NEW, SUPERIOR, and proprietary building material that is manufactured using large quantities of recycled materials. It is PERFECT to replace concrete, brick, adobe, wood frame, and other typical building materials used in real estate construction. Custom Super Homes is poised to revolutionize the construction & recycling industries in a similar way that the microchip has revolutionized the communication & computer industries. Building Custom Super Homes with this revolutionary (recycled) building material results in beautiful,
Fire Proof,
Sound Proof,
Bullet Proof,
Water Proof,
Strong Wind Proof,
Super Insulated,
Extremely Energy Efficient,
Seismically Superior,
Environmentally Friendly . .
The building components are used to replace what would have been concrete, brick, adobe, wood and steel frame walls. Professionals introduced to the system come to the conclusion that it is "a perfect marriage between the solidness of concrete and the flexibility of wood". This Proprietary (recycled) Building Material is currently manufactured at factory in St. Louis, MO. With honest effort, we can together establish the most REVOLUTIONARY REAL ESTATE & MASS RECYCLING venture known to man (True Ground Floor) . If you capitalize on a mere 1/10th of 1% (One tenth of one percent) of THE LOCAL EXCLUSIVE MARKET THEY CAN GRANT YOU, it could TURN YOUR NEW "CUSTOM SUPER HOME BUSINESS" INTO A BILLION DOLLAR VENTURE within a few years or less!