Sell Superlastic Coil Spring Unit

Superlastic Coil Spring Unit
Wire gauge: 1.8-2.0mm
Height: 16-18cm
Specially refined carbon steel
Frame wire gauge: 5mm

Regular Size:
(other sizes as per customer's requirements)

The superlastic spring unit is made by only 1 wire running through the entire bed. This special continuous coil system has no knots or sharp bends that creates resiliency and durability. Each coil is connected to the next that draws strength for supporting the entire body. Another special feature of superlastic spring includes the elasticity formula where the bed can rebound to its original size after usage. The crossed coiled spring technique is the use of one whole sheet to cover the springs, not individual ones. Superlastic spring unit has interconnected rows of coils that effect strength and body support. This type of system has a better weight distribution and conformity to the body shape. The edge guard along the border has a wire for increased side support.