Sell Supermarket/Store/Mall Storage Locker

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It is a new product developed from numerical password locker. It is designed for supermarkets, entertainment places and other busy places and used for customers to deposit their luggage, package or other stuffs. It is controlled by barcode, no keys are needed so it is faster , safer and more convenient to operate than the traditional lockers which are controlled by keys. This product can also be customized to be the showcase in the supermarket or store. The customers pay at the cash register then get the receipt scrip (with bar code on it) , then approach the showcase and scan the bar code on it then the correspoding case opens automatically, just take out the goods and close the case.

1 Display function: During depositing, the locker number, case number, time and operating instruction will display on the LCD screen.
2 Infrared ray exploring: According to customers special demand , automatic exploring system can be set up in the cases to identify whether there is stuff in the case. .
3 Refusing closing the door: When operated by mistake such as depositing without reading card, the computer will give the instruction that not to close the door. This function is unique in this industry(only we have the technique) .
4 Refusing opening: In less than five minutes (the time can be set from one to five minutes) after depositing, the password can not be read , therefore the case cannot open. It is a way of avoiding losing the parcel.
5 Emergency Opening: When system error occurs and the door can not open, the administrator can use the administration card to operate the emergency opening . There are two systems set for emergency opening. Each case is provided with independent mechanic opening equipment, therefore the customers can also fetch the parcel when the electricity breaks off.
6 Clear-up function: The administrator can use the clear-up function to initialize the state of all the cases, avoiding longtime occupation and raising the utilization rate.
7 State- show function: The indicator light shows the using state of the cases with bright and clear light.
8 Saving password after the electricity breaks off: The password can be kept for over ten years if the electricity breaks off.
9 Prompt function: When the printing paper is used up, the LCD screen will show the prompt information.
10 Inquiring function: The using records of each case can be checked by imputing password, time or case number.
11 Setting function: In order to meet the demands of all kinds of customers, there are function keys inside the case. Customers can set the parameter freely according to the actual condition.

Supermarkets, stores, tourist sites, bars, beauty parlor, cafeteria and so on.

[Operation process]
1, Press DEPOSIT key on the main control board then a bar code scrip comes out from the exit.
2, The correlative case opens automatically after customers take out the bar code scrip.
3, Deposit things then close the door.
4, Scan the bar code scrip near the reading orifice. The case opens when no problem is detected by the microcomputer.
5, Take things out, then close the door.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
1000 sets per month
ISO 9001
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
depends if customized
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
5 sets
Power Requirements
Patents or Trademarks
Patent #ZL 2006 1 0166520.5
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C at sight
Terms of Sale
FOB Shanghai
Warranty Coverage
labor and materials 1 year
depends if customized