Sell Supplier Quality Support in Asia

Supplier Quality Support in Asia
Globe Quality Services provides facilitation between companies sourcing here in Asia, and their suppliers.

If you are supplying international customers I can assist you in ensuring that your product meets their requirements and that your relationship with your customers gets off to a smooth start. I can assist you in communication, quality reports, and the readiness of your company to work with international customers. We also provide quality system training and Business English training to suppliers and companies in Asia.

If you are exporting from Asia I can ensure you don't run the risk of having your products sourced to a supplier who is not capable, or have the finished product shipped to you with obvious problems, not meeting your, or your end client's, requirements. We also handle technical issues between supplier and buyer.

Globe Quality Services provides supplier audits, pre-production assessments, in-process and pre-shipment inspections in China, Taiwan, and elsewhere in Asia. We can provide cost effective on the ground support for your projects, cutting your travel costs. We have experience in toys, medical devices, castings, machined parts, consumer goods, automotive and electronics. We can save you time, money and risk. (American owned and managed. )