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Synonyms: Calcium dipropionate
CAS No. : 4075-81-4
EINECS: 223-795-8
Molecular Formula: (C3H6O2)2. Ca; C6H10CaO4 Molecular Weight: 186.22
Structural Formula:


Index Food Grade Feed Grade
Content% 99.0min 98.0min
Moisture 8.0max 8.0max
Water insoluble matter% 0.15max 0.15max
Free acid(as propionic acid) % 0.11max 0.11max
Free alkali(as sodium hydroxide) % 0.06max 0.06max
Fluoride(F) % 0.003max 0.003max
Mg(as magnesia) % 0.4max 0.4max
Heavy metal(as Pb) % 0.001max 0.001max
As(as arsenic oxide) % 0.0002max 0.0002max
pH 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0

This product assumes white crystal or powder particulated or crystallized. It is no smell or has a bit of propanoic acid flavor, and is steady in light and heat and easily dissolvable in water.

This product is used as antistaling agent and antimould agent in food industry. Additive amount: 0.250.5% used in bread and cake; 0.20.4% used in chocolate-made products; below 1% used in jelly, candied fruit and jam; 0.10.3% used in sugar and cheese; 0.10.25% used in soy sauce.

In 25kg/Bag, the kraft paper bag
Supply Capacity
10000mt per year
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
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