Sell Supply Chain Link Fence Machine

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Main parameter of full automatic chain link machine
1. Width scope of weaving: 1-4m
Wire scope of weaving: 2-4mm
Mesh scope of weaving: 30-100mm
With 3 sets of mesh model at buyer's requirements
2. The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it
3. The output per minute: for example: If the mesh is 50x50mm, width: 2m, the output will be: 1M2 min.
4. Suitable wire to the machine: the tensile scope of the wire 300-500N/M2
5. Use compacting machine to make it into rolls
6. Total power of equipment 11kw
7. Weight of equipment: 4200kg
8. Outside size: main machine: 6700x1430x1800mm