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Whisky lactone has another name of (Beta)-methyl-Y-octalactone, It was found in whisky at first, and it is one of the components of aroma in whisky, generally is called whisky lactone.
It has fierce and strong and sweet smell as well as the aroma of coumarin lactone, and it can be dissolved in alcohol in any proportion. In flavoring essence, in can be applied in beverage, candy, biscuit, bread and lots of roasted food. And if it is apllied in tobacco essence, its aroma is much more elegant than coumarin lactone, and it has a wide range of aroma. According to spray it (1-10PPt) to tobacco directly, the aroma of tobacco can be evidently improved.
Chemical Name and Structure: (1)4-hydroxy-3-methyl-octalactone; (2)4-methyl-5-butyl-2H-furanone-2
Chicory . Furanone has another name of single Methyl Furanone perfume. It has a flavor of very distinctive fruity. roast bread, caramel and jam. Its fragrance is a little fainter than that of Furanone, but the function is more stable and the price is lower. It is an essential raw material for sweet flavors in general and good reinforcer of sweetness agent.
This product can be widely applied in coffee, chocolate, bread and other food, drink and tobacco. It is approved a safe edible perfume by FEMA with the registration No.3635.
Chemical Name and Structure: 4-Hydroxy-5-methyl-3(2H) -furanone.
ISO 9001&3A2000, ISO14001&3A1996, KOF-K kosher, HALAL and FDA
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