Sell Supply Clamp-on BBQ Lamp

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1. Remove the battery door by sliding down the battery cover(see Fig.1) and replace the old batteries with four(4) new 1.5V AA heavy-duty (carbon-zinc) batteries.
2. Make sure the batteries are oriented correctly on the positive & negative terminals.
3. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline standard(carbon-zinc) , or rechargeable(nickel-cadmium) batteries.
1. Press the black button to open the lamp cover(see Fig.2) . Rotate the fluorescent lamp 90degrees and gently pull out to remove(see Fig.3) .
2. Always replace with a new fluorescent bulb(model:F4T5CW) .
3. Insert new bulb and turn 90 degrees(see Fig.4) to secure.
4. Reinstall lamp cover and ensure that it is securely attached.
1. Do not position the grill light above fire or any cooking surface.
2. If your grill has a sideburner : You must mount the light on the side of your grill opposite the sideburner.
If your grill does not have a sideburner: you may mount the loght on either side of your grill.
1. Store grill light indoors when not in use.
2. Grill light can be cleaned by gently wiping with a damp towel. DO NOT IMMERSEIN WATER.
3. Remove batteries if grill light is to be unused for two weeks or more, since batteries could leak and damage the grill light.
4. Light bulb should be replaced if it starts to flicker or loses its brightness.
5. Do not incinerate, compact, or disassemble batteries.
6. recycle old batteries whenever possible. If recycling is unavailable in your area, dispose of old batteries in accordance with local regulations.
*A flexible gooseneck lets you angle this 5 In. fluorescent light just where you need it when grilling after dark. Operates on four AA batteries(included) . so it's safe for outdoor use, rain or shine. *Durable stainless steel frame. *Attaches to a surface up to 1 In. thick. 26-1/2 In. H overall. 18 In. gooseneck.
*Cordless light for nighttime barbecues. 18 In. neck adjusts to any angle, clips anywhere with large 1 In. mouth spring clamp.
*Outdoor use year'round, stainless steel housing and clamp.
*Uses 4 AA batteries, included, replaceable 5 In. fluorescent bulb
Color box: 37.5x24.5x10.5
carton size: 65x38x25.5(6PCS/CTN)
20 S: 2,640PCS(440CTN)
40 S: 5,400PCS(900CTN)