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We are a professional manufacturer and seller in Hongkong. Our product catalogue brief introduction as below:
Compatible and Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges for Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP, etc
Printer and Laser Printer Toner, Ink Refill Kit, Bulk Ink
Our products with tiptop quality and competitive prices have been exported to Europe, Africa, America and south east Asia for many years.
With the stable and high quality and reasonable prices, our products' markets share is stable, too. Now we are trying our best to improve our market share. If we can get your support, that's highly appreciated
Enclosed our promoted price list of our products line.
HP C3906F HP 6L US$22
HP C4092A HP 1100 US$26
HP C7115A HP 1000 US$28
HP C4096A HP 2100 US$51
HP C4127A HP 4000 US$51
HP C4129X HP 5000 US$62
HP Q2612A HP 1010 US$37
HP Q2613A HP 1300 US$37
CANON FX3 Canon LBP 250 US$23
CANON EP22 Canon LBP 800 US$26
CANON EP25 Canon LBP 1210 US$29
CANON EP26 Canon LBP 3200 US$29
CANON E16 Canon FC220 US$42
XEROX 113R00296 Xerox P8EX US$41
XEROX 3210 XEROX 3210 US$38
SAMSUNG 5100 Samsung SF5100 US$41
SAMSUNG 4500 Samsung ML4500P US$38
SAMSUNG 1210 Samsung ML1210 US$38
SAMSUNG 1710 Samsung ML1710 US$385
PANASONIC UG3313 Panasonic 8710 US$45
PANASONIC UG3350 Panasonic 8585 US$45
PANASONIC FA76 Panasonic FL503 US$9
EPSON 5700 Epson EPL5700 US$29
EPSON 5900 Epson EPL5900 US$29
EPSON 6200 Epson EPL6200 US$50
EPSON LP2000C Epson LP2000C(One Set) US$231
EPSON LP900C Epson LP900C(One Set) US$269
EPSON LP7800C Epson LP7800C(One Set) US$321
EPSON LP9500C Epson LP9500C(One Set) US$340

Ink Cartridge Price List
Brand Item Description Unit Price
HP 51625A(CL) '25' US$10.3
HP 51626A(BK) '26' US$7.2
HP 51629A(BK) '29' US$7.2
HP 51640A(BK) US$8.6
HP 51645A(BK) '45' US$7.1
HP 51649A(CL) '49' US$9.3
HP C1823D(CL) '23' US$9.2
HP C6578D(CL) '78' US$9.2
HP C6614D(BK) '20' US$9.3
HP C6615D(BK) '15' US$7.9
HP C6625A(CL) '17' US$9.2
HP C6656A(BK) '56' US$11.4
HP C6657A(CL) '57' US$11.4
HP C6658A(PH) '58' US$11.4
HP C8727A(BK) '27' US$11.4
HP C8728A(CL) '28' US$11.4
Canon BC-01(Black) US$7.2
Canon BC-02(Black) US$7.2
Canon BC-03(Black) US$7.2
Canon BC-05(Color) US$9.3
Canon BC-06(Photo) US$9.2
Canon BC-20(Black) US$7.2
Canon BX-2(Black) US$7.2
Canon BX-3(Black) US$7.2
Lexmark 12A1970(BK) US$14.7
Lexmark 12A1980(CL) US$15.4
Lexmark 17G0050(BK) US$15.0
Lexmark 17G0060(CL) US$15.7

Edition: European/Asian/African/USA
Packing Original packing
Payment Term: 100% T/T before shipment
InCoTerms: FOB Shenzhen, China
Warranty: Full warranty of our product line

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