Sell Supply EDTATripotassium Salt (EDTA-3K)

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1. Formula: C10H13N2O8K
2. Molecular Weight : 460.55
3. Appearance: White crystal or white crystal powder
4. Solubility :Soluble in water easily, insoluble in ethanol , ether aether Agglomeration in
humid air earsily.

II. Quality Standard:
The high class product: Min99% The first-rate Product: Min98% III. Application: The product is widely used in the field of washing agent, liquid soap, chemical sprays in agriculture, antitoxic and anti-coagulant in blood.

IV Envelopment , point of attention
The product is 250g, or 500g in white plastic bottle with sealed cover. (or according to customers request) . It should be kept in a ventilate, dry place and from high temperature.