Sell Supply Paclitaxel 99%

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Product name: Paclitaxel USP

Molecular formula: C47H51NO14
CAS No: 33069-62-4
Packing: plastic bag wrapped in tinfoil
Quality standard: conform to USP 27
Usage: used to treat metastatic breast cancer, metastatic ovarian cancer

Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance white powder complies
Odor characteristic complies
Mesh 100 complies
Solubility soluble in alcohol complies
Loss on drying( <=1% max 0.36%
Ash <=0.2% max 0.18%
Content(HPLC) :
Paclitaxel >=99.5% 99.729%
Arsenic, as(PPM) : <2 max complies
Heavy metals(PPM) <10 max complies
Bacteria colonies/g: <1000 max complies
Moulds colonies/g <100 max complies
Yeast colonies/g <100 max complies
E. Coli colonies/g: negative complies
Samonella colonies/g: negative complies
Conclusion(结 论 ) : conform to USP 27
Minimum Order Quantity