Sell Support in Russia

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Do you want to open branch office in Russia?

Take notice of people advantage:
- Russia is a nation of intelligent, educated workers. A country greatest asset in a
knowledge economy is a smart workforce and Russia is rich in talented human resources
- 14 cities with 1+ million of population
- Cheap workforce
Global Advance will help you to recruit personell and open an office.

Do you want to set up successfull and competitive business in Russia?

- Fast and efficient trucking, railways, ocean shipping and air services links the whole country
- We have weak competition level comparing to major european and asian markets
- We provide favourable legal terms for foreign investors and low tax rates
Global Advance will provide marketing research and develop marketing strategy, that takes into account national peculiarities.

Do you want to sell products or services in Russia?

- Russian GDP (purchasing power parity) is $2.266 trillion in 2008
- GNI per capita is US$ 9,622.53 and continually growing
- Competitivness rate is only 49 (out of 57) , according to IMD World Competitivness Center
Global Advance will help you to deal with legal issues and will provide management & sales support.

Russian Market gives you access to the entire region, including Commonwealth of Independent States (formerly the USSR) - Kazakhstan, Belurussia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan - creating the largest trade area in the world.