Sell Surface magneto-optic Kerr effect experimental system

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The performance and experimental stability of the system are all greatly improved.
First, the metal plate experimental platform is replaced with black-anodic oxidized duralumin, so that the removability and optical property of the platform is extensively increased. All optical components are fixed to the platform with M6 screws, which greatly facilitates the experimental operation.
Secondly, the test quality level of the apparatus is doubled, so stability in the large of final test signal is greatly improved, which enables the further study of properties of magnetic thin film of monatomic layer. The apparatus plays an important role in the study of magnetic order, magnetic anisotropy, interlayer coupling and phase transition of magnetic ultrathin film.
Thirdly, the ring electromagnet is further improved. The size of the magnet is reduced while the central magnetic limit is kept unchanged, which facilitates application of extreme vacuum system to enable in-site measurement of magnetic thin film and ultrathin film.