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Electronic devices are very sensitive to electronic noise and high voltage pulses (surges) coming from telecommunication lines may destroy semiconductors within the device. Surge Absorbers work by acting as an extremely rapid responding 're-usable fuse', absorbing the sudden surge and protecting the device from damage. With our patented technology, NVP Surge Absorbers not only outperform the market leaders in terms of performance and size, but are also more cost competitive.
High insulation resistance
Small size and Large surge current capacity
Small capacitance
Quick response
Low limiting voltage
Stable against repeated surges
No dark effect
No polarity
Typical Applications
Devices connected to antenna or signal lines. E. g. Boosters, Radio Cassette, Car Radio/ Stereo, wireless sets.
Devices that need protection against electrostatic discharge. E. g. Displays, Monitors, TVs.
Devices connected to telecommunication lines. E. g. Telephones, Fax Machines, Modems, Computers.

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