Sell Surge Arrester (Surge Protector)

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Improved from OBO Germany, used in the filed of power distribution system, telecommunication and communication system.

Main features:
1. Metal-oxide varistor Arresters still work after frequent operation.
2. An arrester module can be changed with the mains voltage on.
3. 1-4 pole Pre-wired arrester blocks Simple installation via the marked terminals.
4. Thermal isolating device with optical indication Permanent check of arrester serviceability.
5. An extremely short response time, a low protection level and a high current diversion capacity combined with long life.
6. No follow-up current can be registered after the surge has decayed.
7. If the surge arrester is damaged by overloading, the integral isolating device breaks the connection to the mains. This is signaled by a red fault indicator.
8. The surge arrestor can easily be installed in any distribution box or switchgear cabinet by snap-fitting to any commercial 35 mm top-hat rail.
9. The multi-pole arresters are connected together by an earth bridge at the factory, so that there is only one earth (PE) connection to make on site.
10. Classes B, C, and D depending on their application area, accordingly to DIN VDE 0675-6.