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Lightning arrester
This kind of product is used for prevent the equipments of AC electrical power system against the damage of atmosphere over-voltage and operating over-voltage. It has Features of small volume, simple structure, light weight, pollution-proof and non-detonation and is suitable to be used in the densely populated city.

Compact & high mechanical strength
High quality Zinc Oxide material
Silicone rubber for weatherability
No gaseous of fluid material, fully sealed

Type: Y5C-33/Y10C-33
Rated Voltage: 33kV
Norminal discharge current: 5kA/10kA
MCOV: 26.8kV
Power frequency sparkover voltage: 55kV/104.5kV
Lightning impulse sparkover voltage(1.2/50 us) : 85.3kV/84.7kV
Lightning impulse residual voltage(8/20 us) :99kV
High current impulse(4/10 us) : 65kA/100kA
Material of House insulator: Porcelain