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Usage and application scope:
BY1 series surge protective device (protector in short) is applied in AC 50/60 Hz , <=380V in the following electric power system , such as TT , IT , TN-S , TN-C and TN-C-S which protects the electric net shocked by the thunder or surge over voltage .

Tripping device:
There's tripping device designed on the modular of the protector. When the protector is over heat or shocked, the tripping device can automatically separate it from the electric net, at the same time showing the indication signal. It's green when the protector is normal, red when tripping.

The power of the alarm is supplied by AC220V. In normal condition it is green and the opening contact is closed but the closing contact is open. It is with the function of alarming and showing: the alarm will sound and the green indicator lamp will change to red when the mould of the protective device is out of working. And the alarm will not stop until the operator pushes the stop press (but the red lamp is still showing) . If the trouble can not be dealt within 24 hours, the alarm will sound again.
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