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Usage and application scope:
BY20 type surge protective device (short name "SPD") is suitable for AC 50/60 Hz,380V and the following electric power systems, such as TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-S. It protects the electric network shocked by the thunder or over voltage .

Tripping device:
There's tripping device designed on the modular of the protector. When the protector is over heat or shocked, the tripping device can automatically separate it from the electric net, at the same time showing the indication signal. It's green when the protector is normal, red when tripping.

Remote signaling contact:
The products can be produced available with the accessory of remote signaling contact. If one or more of modular of the protector is in malfuction, the contact will be closed, and sending the malfunction signal.

Main Structure and Operating Principle:
n three-phase four- line system , three phase lines and one zero line are connected protective device to the earth cable . (figure 1 ) . In normal situation , the protective device is high resistance , when the over voltage brings for electric network shocked by thunder or other reasons , the protective device will rapidly transmit in ns , then lead the voltage into earth and protect the electric equipment . As the surge voltage through the protective device and after disappear it will recover to high resistance and not influence the normal operating.
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