Sell Surgical Incise Drape

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Ophthalmic Drape Set was developed specially for ophthalmic operation. It is comprising with PU surgical film, waterproof non-woven fabric, fluid collecting pouch, wire support, and wick sponge, which make the product more convenient to use:
1. PU surgical film: prevent bacterial contamination.
2. Waterproof non-woven fabric sheet and fluid collecting pouch: keep patient's face and
operation field clean.
3. Wire support: keep patient breath freely.
4. LASIK drape set has two windows with a curtain between them, which can cover one eye
when the other one is during operation.

Application Instruction:
1.Open package and remove ophthalmic drape set.
2.Sterilize and dry the operation area, spread ophthalmic drape, peel off the protective paper cover on surgical film and apply the film to suit place. One eye shall be covered by curtain during
LASIK operation.
3. Moisten one tip of wick sponge and put it on outer canthus, put another tip into opened collecting pouch, start operation.