Sell Surgical Sutures

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Directions of sterile surgical atraumatic suture needle :
This kind of product is used for the microsurgery, the surgery of the heart, the chest, the blood vessel, ophthalmic surgery and the soft tissues of internal organs.

Characteristics of structure:
1) The kind of product is linked up the stainless steel needle and catgut, nylon, silk, polypropylene and synthetic absorbable suture which are attached with needles into whole. It would be reduced the damage from human body effectively and avoid the blood leaking.
2) There are various kinds sizes used for different surgeries which made of the type of suture needle such as round bodied, cutting edge, spatula, 1/2 circle curved, 3/8 circle curved and thickness of suture needle.
3) This kind of product is sealed and packed by the compound material of polyester & aluminium and polyester packing material. It could be used directly without re-sterilized which is sterilized by Gamma radiation.

Main Target of Property:
Puncture force:<=0.78N
Elasticity: Deformed Drgee<=2%
Effect of Irradiation sterilized effect: Sterilzed