Sell Surgical adhesive bandage production line

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This machine is developed by REDPEAK to meet market demand. It is suitable for different weight gram nonwoven material, to color and glue, dry and roll-up. This machine adopts PLC to control synchronous controller, distributes motor speed drive and tension adjuster pro rate to complete open roll, draught, tension adjust and unwinding. Glue on products is even, operate easily and adjust conveniently.

Main Features
a. PLC control, synchronous controller adjusts speed pro rate, operate conveniently.
b. Linchpin electrical element are imported international famous brand.
c. It can make big roll or small roll, convenient for postprocessing.
d. Opening structure, convenient for monitoring during operation.
e. All the fabric passing axes are made of stainless steel, it will not pollute products for long use time.

Main Technical Specification
Working speed: 2-8M/MIN. (length of whole production line is 15M, length of oven is 6M) .
Max. heating power: 48KW or steam drying
Motor power: 3KW(3 motor)
Max. material width: 600MM
Max. rolling-up diameter: 400MM

We can design/develop special machines on your request. For further infomation, please feel free to contact us, and we will send you our catalog if you need.

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