Sell Sweeping vehicle

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[The introduction]
The use of low-cost, environmental protection, energy conservation:
This vehicle adopts single-engine (chassis engine) on the control and cleaning, the removal of state, the fuel consumption for 10.7L/100KW. Deputy engines and air-compressors because no there would be no maintenance costs in this regard. Therefore, the use of models in engine maintenance costs below the poverty Road vacuum-type vehicles.
As there is only one engine, it have lower pollution emissions, chassis state emissions reaches the two type of Europe standards.
1. Low noise:
Deputy motor vehicle without vice engine, and air-compressors, which work with low noise, is very suitable for urban use. With uniform driving the noise is 70.2Db (a) . Accelerated speed driving, noise is 79.6Db (a) .
2. High efficiency:
Without vice engine and air-compressors aircraft design have not only greatly increased the volume bins, but also increased the vehicle quality, improving relatively effective loading capacity. The capacity of the rubbish bins can reach 5.4m3. As a purely sweeping anti-theory, cleaning speed is above two times than the general sweeping vehicle with anti-air-compressors.
3. Suitable for winter operations without secondary raising dust:
Using pure anti-vehicle structure, it has not gas emissions to the atmosphere, completely resolving the secondary cleaning pollution. Side brush sprinkler system used import electric pumps and imported nozzle, have good results of the pressure dust for the all-weather throughout the season sweep operations. Watering may not needed in winter cleaning.
4. Driving comfortable, reliablely operating:
This vehicle cab equips with air-conditioning and audio, driving comfort, and its cleaning operations are all controlled in the indoor. The major components of cleaning and hydraulic systems are imported from abroad, reliable operating.