Sell Sweetened Dried Cranberry

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Our Sweetened Dried Cranberries
. make a wonderful addition to breads, muffins and cookies.
. add zest to salads.
. compliment hot or cold cereals.
. add robust flavoring to chicken, beef and pork.
. used for variety of desserts.
. are a great addition to trail mixes.
. are a tasty snack anytime.

Product Description:

Our Premium Cranberries are inspected and graded before entering our Patented Process. The fruit is gently infused with sugar (sucrose) then carefully dried to a specified moisture, visually inspected, and metal sorted before packaging. Our product contains no artificial color, flavor, or preservatives.

Shelf Life & Storage:

Store in a cool dry location (preferably 60 degrees F) . Shelf life: 12 months (min. )

Many known health benefits and used similiar to raisons.