Sell Swing gate with lock

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No. EM01005
Name: Swing gate with lock
Model: MJ-3
Specification: L800~1500*H1080mm

It is used to indicate and control the entry of customers, especially suits for the supermarket check out and entry.
The crossing stick can rotate 3600and the embedded lock can lock or unlock the crossing stick at 900. Therefore the supermarket can open or close the entry according the customer flow.
The gate can be pushed open from reverse way with 20kG strength in emergency.
Material: The primary gate shaft is made with "89*4.5mm flawless steel pipe; the standing pole is made with "60*3mm steel pipe; the horizontal pole is made with "25*1mm steel pipe. All of these are chrome plated.
The standard gate wide is 800~ 1500mm. It can be changed according to the request of customers.
There are spare holes on the standing pole and it can fit all the gates and guardrails of OSTAR series.