Sell Swirl air diffuser

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Swirl air diffuser
Structural features:
1. Swirl air diffuser generally used in the large space which has more than 3.8 meters height, such as the airport, train station waiting room, the exhibition Centre, theatres, gym, industrial factory building.
2. The right side of the diffuser is equipped with adjustable blades and flowing circle, the blades are designed in accordance with the principles of fluid dynamics, it can make the air supply in spiral shape, so it has a long distance of blowing-in and a large covering surface . increase air convectional effect.
3. Blast leaves under different conditions change Air angle. And it can be adjusted manually or electrically.
4. Outline border is formed by high-quality aluminum forming technology, it has high integrated intensity, pleasing appearance, and also the surface can be decorated with requirements of electrostatic plastic spraying.
5. It can be used in conjunction with volume damper and air plenum chamber.