Sell Switch Capacitor Contactor (CJ19)

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CJ19 switch capacitor is applied to AC 50Hz, rated operating voltage up to 380V power line, and used for low-voltage reactive power compensation equipment or switch off low-voltage parallel capacitors.

They are provided with surge-restrained devices to reduce impulsion of capacitor when switching off surge.

1) CJ19 is developed by our company in the base of LC1-D capacitor
2) lt's structure is compact, mail circuit composed with resistance on-off switch
3) Joint the main circuit is convenrence
4) Widely used as a contactor in controlling small electric capacitor

CJ19-25 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 6.5KVA 400/415V: 12.5KVA
CJ19-32 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 8.5KVA 400/415V: 16.7KVA
CJ19-43 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 10KVA 400/415V: 20KVA
CJ19-50 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 16KVA 400/415V: 28KVA
CJ19-65 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 20KVA 400/415V: 32KVA
CJ19-80 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 25KVA 400/415V: 40KVA
CJ19-95 Cotrol power: 220/230V: 30KVA 400/415V: 48KVA
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