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switchable privacy glass : Transparent when switch on and opaque when switch off.

Technical parameteres
(1) Switchable privacy glass appears cream white nontransparent state in turn-off, and it appears transparent state in turn-on.
(2) It's light transmittance is not less than 75%, and its anti-light transmittance is not more than 10%.
(3) It's switching speed is less than 0.1 sec.
(4) It's visual angle is not less than 1400.
(5) Switchable privacy glass's current is not more than 8 w/m2.
(6) Switchable privacy glass should endure 120V alternating current, and breakdown does not take place during 60 hours.
(7) Electric glass's working life is not less than 50000 hours.
(8) Switchable privacy glass can work normally in -100~+600 circumstance.
(9) It's working voltage is 120V alternating current, frequency is 50 Hz, it should work normally in the circumstance of voltage fluctuation is not more than 10V.
Product Standards and Dimensions
maximum size of switchable privacy glass(mm) Product thickness Maximum size(lengthWwidth)
7mm(3+3+1) 1500W900mm
11mm(5+5+1) 2200W980mm
13mm(6+6+1) 2600W980mm
19mm(8+8+1) 3000W1200mm
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