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Symmetry's Cleanse Bundle You May Also Be Interested In: cleansing system
This 32-point product bundle contains one ParaCleanse and one BotanaCleanse and satisfies the minimum AutoShip order requirement.

A delightful cleansing duo, these botanicals will rid your body of dangerous parasites and accumulated wastes, restoring your body to its optimal performance level. Use them quarterly!

ParaCleanse, Symmetrys parasite destroyer 
Contains powerful botanicals to purge impurities from the body
Eliminates impurities and nourishes the blood
Supports natural immune function

BotanaCleanse, Symmetrys quarterly cleansing system 
Provides a gentle, mild cleansing with botanicals and natural dietary fibers
Nourishes and protects the colon with probiotics
Cleanses and supports the entire body and removes toxins