Sell Synthetic Diamond---CBN Series

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Amber colored and irregularly shaped crystals with medium brittleness, recommended for metal bond system and vitrified system including abrasive tools and grinding wheels for better self-sharpening performance and extended life, and electroplated tools for processing ferrous metals and alloys.

Brittle, black crystals with irregular shape. CBN-B10 is characterized by its excellent self-sharpening feature. Instead of large pieces, only small chips crack from CBN crystal grain under impact, therefore, the grain remains constantly sharp. Recommended for vitrified bond tools for processing ferrous metals and alloys.

Monocrystal CBN coated with nickel, recommended for resin bond system, thenickel coating effectively promotes the mechanical retention of CBN crystals to matrix and hence greatly extends the service life of tools, the nickel coating weight percent is 60%.

Monocrystal CBN coated with titanium, recommended for vitrified bond system and high temperature metal bond system, The coating is highly effective in protecting CBN crystals form thermal damage and chemical erosion.