Sell Synthetic Diamond

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Diamond Micron Powders:

Characteristics: Adopting semiautomatic technology, highly concentrated size distribution, small coefficient of variation; Special treatment makes grain surface absorbing few impurities ; Favorable
hydrophilic performance thorough surface modification.
Applications: High standards required lapping, polishing , etc; High-grade diamond tools
manufacturing; High-grade diamond sprays, suspension liquid manufacturing.

Coated Diamonds:

Ni coated RVD diamonds with coating level 56 wt%, recommended for resin bond system. The coating greatly improves the mechanical retention of diamonds to bond matrix and reduces heat damage, hence effectively extends the tools life.

Function Diamond Series:

Orthembadism and non-orthembadism shape, lower impact strength, and common TI and TTI value. Applied to making tools for cutting soft marble, sawing/cutting or drilling/polishing of concrete without reinforced bar.

Fine Grain Diamond Series:

80-400 fine grain diamond, complete cubo-octahedron crystals with high strength. Applied to manufacturing electroplated tools, grinding wheel, abrasiving wheel to polish and curve stone and process car glass, high grade furniture, ceramic, alloy, magnetic materials etc.

BWD Diamond Series:

Shape is mainly cubo-octahedron and complete with very high strength, higher toughness and wear resistance. Applied to grinding and cutting superhard materials like rock, reinforced concrete etc.

BHD Diamond Series:

Regular and complete shape of cubo-octahedron with very high impact strength and high TI and TTI value. Applied to making cutting tools for hard stone and concrete, and also applicable for making electroplated tools or dressing tools like engineering driller or geological driller.

can be used to make following products :
Circular Saws
Frame Saws
Wire Saws
Wood Cutting
Dressing Tools
Free-cutting Tools
Electroplated Tools
Grinding and Polishing
Various Grinding Wheels